Iain Kerr

Samples of International Press

1968 to 1978




Throughout the many UK centres, the press notices were unanimous. This is the review written by the highly respected theatre critic, Jack Tinker of the London Daily Mail, who not only reviewed the show but returned many times to see it.

"So often one reads stage reviews in which superlatives are scattered like confetti at a wedding and the thought passes through the mind: 'Are they really deserved?' In this case the answer is an unreserved 'Yes' for Iain Kerr as Sir Arthur Solomon and Roy Cowen as W.S. Goldberg are complete masters at their art and from the moment the curtain rises to when it falls at the end of the evening they hold their audience in their spell. Laughs came thick and fast as they deliver their sparking wit - often delightfully wicked - with tremendous speed and expertise. Excellent use of the pause and gestures all add to the success of the humour in this hilarious entertainment. Without a doubt it is one of the highlights that this theatre has seen this year and no doubt by the end of the year will still be in the top three entertainments"


"The brightest lights of the Auckland Festival of the Arts was the fabulous replica of the collaboration - with a difference - of the immortal beloved G & S. Its duration has been all too short and it is regretted that the blaze of the wandering minstrels is now extinguished in this city. I would I could again live those hilarious hours with Mr Cowen and Mr Kerr - the great Gilbertian Koshers. Molto Grazie, signori." (New Zealand Herald - Auckland)

"Kosher Comedy Was Sparkling - both earthy and delicate at seemingly one and the same time. Any attempt to create on paper the atmosphere which they succeed in producing and sustaining would be less than fair to this highly polished performance." (Evening Post - Wellington)

"these two comedians keep the house happy and often in hilarious contact. Their work is faultlessly timed, stylish, burnished and finished. A totally brilliant evening." (The Star - Christchurch)

" Last night"s revue scored so well in the pace and timing and the rapport between both performers. The constant clashes between the personalities of the two were a clever part of the performance - a very funny show indeed." (Otago Daily Times - Dunedin)


"An hilarious evening of fun...they had the audience roaring" (Sun - Sydney)

"One of the cleverest and funniest turnabouts the theatre has seen for a long time" (Sunday Australian)

"A laugh-a-minute, rib-tickler set to music...a continual thrust of wit...don't miss this crazy pair." (Daily Mirror - Sydney)

"A winner...to be a successful parodist you must be a master of the style you are sending up and certainly Goldberg and Solomon are that. These two kept it up for two hours and their inspiration doesn't flag. It is very funny." (Listener In - Melbourne)

"A night of genial repartee. Wittily scripted, their topicality and aptness keeps you simmering with mirth from start to finish...a geniality that comes across to the audience most happily." (Sun - Melbourne)

"Cowen and Kerr had the audience laughing and clapping almost non-stop at this deliciously naughty spoof - slickly produced." (Advertiser - Adelaide)

"an epidemic of laughter - a very funny show indeed from two masters of wit and stagecraft and well worth watching" (News - Canberra)

"one of the funniest acts I've ever seen - a two-man act, two hours long - two expert actors clown in a delightfully dignified way." (Courier-Mail - Brisbane)

"The capacity audience showed in no uncertain manner their enthusiastic appreciation of the two consummate entertainers who are responsible for this brilliant show." (Weekend News - Perth)


"Brilliant...like a blast of refreshing sea air...this is off-beat entertainment of the highest order. You wont be offered an evening like this again for a long, long time. Don't miss it." (Chronicle - Bulawayo)

"A rich dividend of laughter...world class...polished technique and timing...their indepth characterizations are impeccable, their humour is intelligent, satirical and convulsing. This is rich palatable fare and seldom in the theatre of Fort Victoria have an audience been so privileged to enjoy such a feast of brilliant entertainment." (The Advertiser - Fort Victoria)


"This two-man show, presented with great skill and precision by Cowen and Kerr whose teamwork would be the envy of any other duo attempting the gentle and difficult art of parody. They are two of the funniest men we've seen here for some while." (Cape Times - Capetown)

"This highly entertaining material is presented with a sense of timing which almost stuns the imagination and leaves one shouting for more! It is a rare event in the large tapestry of theatre and entertainment to have so talented a pair work so perfectly together. Do not miss this unique show - it is indeed well worth spending an evening with Goldberg and Solomon or, as this critic felt, an evening with two friends." (Africanis - Johannesburg)