Iain Kerr

Iain Kerr - Composer, Arranger, Transcriber

A child prodigy, one of his first piano compositions was published in London when Iain was only seven and living in New Zealand.   Since then he has always been busy writing material for instruments and voices.  At High School he wrote many choral works that were performed not only by the select choirs there, but also by the entire school of 600 voices. His catalogue Is considerable and forms the major part of KERROY MUSIC PUBLISHING – his own publishing company.  Iain’s writing skill also covers light music as well. Whilst in Sydney, he co-shared ADSONGS, a company that created hundreds of jingles for radio and television commercials.  His popular song output has been sung by many artists including Daphne Barker, Marie Collier, Olive Gilbert, Kathryn Grayson, Hughie Green, Anita Harris, Salena Jones, Evelyn Laye, Ruby Miller, Mike Redway, Julie Rogers, Shelley Winters and Godfrey Wynn - to name but a few.  Iain was chosen by Dominic Behan to transcribe as he sang 200 unaccompanied songs into a tape recorder – the result was two books – Ireland Sings (1965) and The Singing Irish (1967).  In 2007, Iain worked with Latin scholar Stuart Lyons CBE in bringing to life a song written by Horace  (65-8 BC) – the ‘Ode to Phyllis’ which incorporated the first use of ‘do-re-mi’. It was recorded by Christopher Gabbitas of the King’s Singers.